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Learning and teaching Hungarian in the U.S. CONFERENCE
Friday, November 19, 2021 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
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Are you interested in the Hungarian language? Interested in Central Europe? Are you perhaps of Hungarian heritage? Do you need to fulfill a College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences foreign language requirement? Learn Hungarian, the language of the Magyars!

The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers Beginning Hungarian I – HUN 101, Beginning Hungarian II – HUN 102, and Hungarian Language and Culture – WLC 293, delivered by qualified and carefully selected Fulbright Visiting Professors of Hungarian Language and Culture.

Beginning Hungarian I and II are also offered as Continuing Education courses (CEU’s awarded, but not academic credit). Click here for more information.

Why study Hungarian?

Just a few among the many reasons:

  • You can learn a special, unique language which is very logical
  • Hungary is a country with more than 1000 years of history, rich in natural beauty, traditions, and culture
  • Hungarians are welcoming and friendly people with delicious foods and dishes (you may have already heard of gulyás – goulash, halászlé – fisherman’s soup, rétes – Hungarian strudel etc.)
  • From a diachronic perspective, Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language like the Finnish and Estonian languages; however, Hungarian has been heavily influenced by Indo-European languages, so even if you are not aware of it yet, you already know quite a bit of Hungarian vocabulary
  • Hungarian has only three verb tenses (one past, one present, and one future tense), of which it uses mainly two (past and present), so you do not really have to worry about getting confused with the usage of verb tenses in Hungarian
  • Cleveland has a large Hungarian community, as well as various Hungarian locations (bakeries, restaurants, museum etc.)
  • Lots of famous people have Hungarian origins – it is possible that you are also connected to the Magyars, you just do not know it yet
  • By speaking Hungarian you will surely earn others’ attention and recognition
  • There are many study opportunities in Hungary that you can choose from: in fact, you can join various short-term and long-term study programs organized by recognized Hungarian universities and institutions (summer schools, semester courses, year-long programs, etc.)
  • Once you are in Hungary, the cost of living is very favorable and prices are affordable
  • Learning Hungarian not only contributes to your personal enrichment and makes you acquainted with a wonderful language and culture, but your job opportunities will also widen and you may be qualified for working at any organization, cultural and educational institution, language school etc. within Hungary or in the world where Hungarian may be useful or required

Check the following video to have an idea about the wonders and beauty Hungary can offer:

Study opportunities in Hungary

To study and spend some time in Hungary is within easy reach!

Various excellent Hungarian universities (ranked at prestigious positions in QS World University Rankings, ARWU Shanghai Ranking, etc.) and other recognized institutions offer short-term and long-term study programs in Hungarian language and culture, such as summer schools, semester courses, year-long programs, thematic courses, and so on. Each Hungarian city has its particular beauty, and each institution offers excellent programs, so even though the choice may not always be easy, it is surely worthwhile to choose from the study opportunities in Hungary!

In addition, with early bird registrations, temporary offers, coupons, diaspora discounts, and similar offers you can also save on the course fees!

Check the following homepages regularly to learn about study opportunities in Hungarian language and culture in Hungary, about the discount offers of the institutions, as well as about scholarships offered by the Hungarian state to cover various expenses (e.g. tuition fee, accommodation, meals, etc.):

Tempus Public Foundation – Hungarian State Scholarships (applications open usually in February), and various study opportunities in Hungary:

ReConnect Hungary – Hungarian Birthright Program:

Balassi Institute – Budapest:

Eötvös Loránd University – Budapest:

University of Debrecen – Debrecen:

University of Pécs – Pécs:

University of Szeged – Szeged:

For further information on Hungarian courses and study opportunities in Hungarian language and culture in Hungary contact the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at 216.687.4645 or