Theatre and Dance

Theatre and Dance Mission Statements

DANCE: Spring Dance 2018​​​​​​​

Dance at CSU is designed around the mission to make dance in its varied forms accessible to all students and the surrounding community, from novice to professional. Centered in an active dance community, the program is dedicated to providing students and the general public with opportunities to participate in and view dance as a performing and creative art.

The Dance Program presents creative process and dance master classes, performances and over three decades of CSU Summer Dance Workshops featuring both locally and nationally renowned artists. The partnership with DANCECleveland has brought to campus guest artists from such renowned companies as Mark Morris Dance Group, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Trisha Brown Dance Company and Malpaso Dance Company to lead many of these arts experiences. In addition, the Dance Program utilizes the CSU Arts Campus to offer community-based workshops, master classes and intergenerational creative process labs specifically designed to provide experiences that illuminate the role of the arts in the enhancement of individual and community well-being.

GroundWorks DanceTheater, Cleveland’s preeminent contemporary company is in residence at the University. Company members and guest artists offer multiple engaged learning opportunities to CSU students and surrounding community. These include master classes in technique and composition, choreographic workshops, open rehearsals and in-studio observation, work-in progress showings, artist talks and seminars. A culminating performance by GroundWorks, presented by CSU Department of Theatre and Dance, takes place each year in the Allen Theatre Complex.

In August 2017, the Ohio Board of Higher Education approved a B.A. in Dance for Cleveland State University. The Dance major is designed to foster the development of dance artists and educators prepared to find the role of their own art within an ever-changing world. Taking advantage of strong internal relationships with the arts and other university programs, external partnerships with Cleveland’s vital art scene, and additional community affiliations, the major includes a breadth of educational experiences that inform students of the many ways in which their own art choices may flourish. Majors will complete a core curriculum of coursework in technique, composition, repertory, dance history, and pedagogy. In addition, the dancers will choose between two curricular tracks:

Creative Process and Performance: this track requires coursework in creative process and technology, to provide the skills and experiences necessary to express art from independent and unique perspectives.

Dance in Community: this track requires multi-disciplinary coursework selected from other CSU Colleges to prepare students to interact in positive ways within the community, through the ability to design creative encounters that illuminate the transformative potential of dance.

For more information about dance opportunities at Cleveland State University, email Lynn Deering, Director of the CSU Dance Program, at

THEATRE:The Real Inspector Hound Spring 2020​​​​​​​

Theatre at Cleveland State University is dedicated to producing educated citizens who have identified theatre as their primary academic and vocational focus. The theatre is among the oldest documented venues for human expression and has been a powerful medium in practically every culture to explore religious beliefs, shape communal viewpoints, question authoritarian behavior, support or subvert public opinion, and provide an imaginative escape from daily routine. Given this rich and diverse legacy, we believe that the theatre and its practitioners bear a responsibility to keep, and in many cases reinvigorate, the theatre as a vital communicative tool in the community. It is our goal that our graduating students will have the necessary qualifications to enter the profession or pursue graduate work at the program of their choice. We are determined that the foundational theatre experiences on the undergraduate level shall provide a valid educational basis for a myriad of eventual careers. Accordingly, our students will focus on the theatre within the context of a strong liberal arts education. Within the theatre major itself, the student will receive rigorous training specializing in either theatre performance or the design/technical fields. This practicum training will be accomplished in tandem with a thorough grounding in the history, literature, theory and social contexts of theatrical production. With this broad-based approach, our students will have the foundational education and training for traditional choices such as acting, directing, design and technical support, as well as such ancillary fields as dramaturgy, criticism, drama therapy, marketing, facilities coordination, arts advocacy, marketing and education, among others. With this springboard, our students will have the training and education to actively and positively contribute to the theatre and their communities.

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