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Mark your calendars for CSU Summer Dance 2021
June 7-25, 2021​​​​​​​


Thank you for dancing with us this past summer in 2020!
Stay tuned for information on our 2021 Summer Dance Workshop.


Find out more about this past summer's 2020 dancers/choreographers!
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​​​​​​​JENNA RIEGEL - Contemporary Technique (Summer 2020)Jenna Riegel
Class will begin with floor work, yoga and Pilates stretching and strengthening and improvisation to build warmth, ease us into motion, find agility and help us arrive more fully present in our bodies. Introductions to one another will be made with a name circle, contact improvisation exercises or interactive warm-up exercises in order to build a sense of trust and community together. Center standing work will draw upon a combination of release technique and ballet to align, balance and increase awareness of energetic efficiency and ease. Head/tail exploration and spinal articulation will be integrated into more traditional foot and leg exercises. Across the floor phrase-work will oscillate between imagery and task-based veracious improvisational scores and rigorous locomotion, athletic inversions and ambitious lofting. A culminating phrase will challenge the polarities of movement and investigate both off-balance and centered movement, bound and released, sustained and staccato, momentum driven and spatially controlled, on the floor and in the air, and sensation-based and shape-based movement. A friendly, uplifting, non-judgmental class culture will be attended to by steering clear of the binary of right and wrong and instead directing attention to cause and effect, the action and results of our choices. Personal findings will be encouraged to be shared to expedite learning within our community. Individualism will be honored and upheld even as profound body awareness and ability to replicate outside material is practiced. Enjoyment and fun will be contagious and inevitable!

ANTONIO BROWN - Contemporary Technique (Summer 2020)Antonio Brown Master Class Series
Starting with a series of structured improvisations that include selfexploration and awareness of the body, gradually shifting into basic foundational techniques, and later moving into physical phrase work. Antonio’s class moves into and out of the floor exploring grounded and physical momentum that tests the brain and propels the body into motion. Come prepared to test your limits and break expectations, as Antonio shapes and molds the body to interact and react to pulses of dynamic music that will send you through space and time. *Be prepared to move in & out of the floor. Bring or wear clothing that covers skin and/or kneepads as needed.

DOUGLAS GILLESPIE - Contemporary Technique (Summer 2020) Doug Gillespie​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Class begins on the floor with mind/body centering followed by short floor exercises to get our blood pumping and to release weight into the floor. We move into guided improvisation to delve deeper into our intrinsic movement and explore our kinetic influences. Then, a series of short combinations introduce stylized choreography, ranging from gestural and “stop-action” concepts to vigorous floor work and expansive/full-bodied and explosive movement. Class culminates by combining short phrases into one monster phrase of dance and exploring what it means to be an engaging and magnanimous performer. *Be prepared to move in & out of the floor. Bring or wear clothing that covers skin and/or kneepads as needed.

Sessions will explore personal body awareness in terms of dynamic alignment and total body organization. Mindful movement patterns will improve posture and balance, enhance mobility and stability, and develop core strength integration. Using Bartenieff Fundamentals and Pilates we will discover a more articulate body for all aspects of movement in your life.


YOGA with ERICA EUFINGER STEINWEGSteinweg 2​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Yoga informed by the Iyengar style is a wonderful complement to a dancing life. In this method, attention to postural detail helps to infuse the body with the mind’s awareness, illuminating new possibilities that can be applied to the stillness of asana and sweeping across the floor.



Location of Summer Dance classes and events: 

Vitual - online.

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