Theatre and Dance

Cleveland State University


All shows take place in the Allen Theatre Complex at Playhouse Square on
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 2:00 pm.
Tickets run $5-$15
CSU 2018-2019 Season
2018-2019 tickets are on sale now.
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October 26-27, 2018
The Allen Theatre Mainstage
Directed by David Shimotakahara
Dance opens the year with a performance by GroundWorks DanceTheater, running October 26 and 27 on the Allen Theatre Mainstage. As the resident professional dance company of the CSU Department of Theatre and Dance, GroundWorks returns under the artistic direction of David Shimotakahara.

November 8-18, 2018
The Helen
Directed by Holly Holsinger
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The theatre season opens on the Outcalt Theatre stage with the musical VIOLET, running November 8-18. The moving production features show-stopping anthems, ranging from American-roots to folk to gospel. As a girl, Violet was struck by a wayward axe blade when her father was chopping wood, leaving her with a visible scar across her face. With enough money finally saved she's traveling across the Deep South in 1964 towards a miracle – the healing touch of a TV evangelist who will make her beautiful. Although she may not succeed in having the scar on her face healed, Violet is able to repair those scars that are lying deeper than her skin. Directed by Holly Holsinger. 

February 21-March 3, 2019
The Outcalt
Directed by Russ Borski
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The second theatre production is Oscar Wilde’s classic THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, running February 21 – March 3, 2019 in The Outcalt Theatre. This "trivial comedy for serious people" uses humor to play with themes of society, marriage, and relationships. With mistaken identities, plot twists, and madcap action, this cheeky production is directed by Russ Borski. 

March 22-23, 2019
The Allen Theatre Mainstage
Featuring CSU Dance Company, Alumni, Faculty & Guests
The Dance Program returns to the Allen Theatre Mainstage with its popular annual CSU SPRING DANCE CONCERT, March 22 and 23. Featuring the CSU Dance Company, faculty, staff, musicians and guest artists, this repertory concert, under the direction of Lynn Deering, includes an eclectic evening of contemporary and traditional choreography.

April 4-14, 2019
The Helen
Directed by Dr. Michael Mauldin
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The final theatre production of the season is the North American and English-language premiere of TREE OF OEDIPUS. Developed by the Idea Theatre in Athens, Greece, the play follows the lineage of Oedipus, from Cadmus, the first man and founder of Thebes, through the story of Oedipus' fall and redemption, to the deadly civil war between his sons, and the final battle between Creon and Antigone. Compiled from several ancient Greek tragedies, including The Phoenicians, Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone, and Seven Against Thebes, this sweeping story is told by an ensemble of actors through classical acting, song, dance, vaudeville, clowning, acrobatics, and combat which combine into an exciting theatrical experience. The English translation is by current CSU Theatre major Christina Katsaras, and is directed by Dr. Michael Mauldin.