School of Social Work

University Partnership Program in Child Welfare

CSU School of Social Work is a member of the state of Ohio’s collaborative partnership program in child welfare.  This program seeks to develop creative child welfare leaders, policy makers, managers and direct service practitioners who are capable of critical thinking and promoting best practices and the highest quality of service to children, families, and communities.  The program accomplishes this by providing coordinated, integrated, and high quality social work education and training with a focus on social work practice in public child welfare settings.

At Cleveland State University, any student enrolled in the undergraduate social work is eligible for participation in this scholarship program.  Selected student participants are required to enroll in child welfare courses and complete their field placement at a public child service agency.  Following the completion of their degree, the students must obtain employment at any of the 88 public child welfare agencies within the state of Ohio.  An additional benefit for students participating in this program is that dependent upon their academic status when entering the program (junior or senior), they will be eligible to receive a financial stipend between $5,000 - $10,000.  The students are allowed to use the stipend money in whatever way they choose. 

For further information and details on this program please contact:
Dr. Linda Crowell, Campus Coordinator
216.687.4738 ||