Friends of Reflections and Institutional Support

A Thousand Thanks! ($1000 or more cumulatively)
Darlyne Bailey, Michael Dover, F. Ellen Netting, Jim Kelly
Friends for Life ($250 or more cumulatively)
Sonia and Paul Abels; Lawrence Climo; Charles Garvin; Geoffrey L. Greif; Alex Gitterman; Jim Williams; John A. Kayser; Randall Nedegaard; Cathleen Anne Lewandowski; James Midgley; James G. McCullagh; Lloyd L. Lyter; Penelope Anne Moore; Elizabeth Schneewind; John Kayser; Elizabeth H. and Jerome B. Schneewind; Tara and Kathy Peters
Lifetime Supporters ($100 cumulatively)
James Petrovich; Mary Carlsen; Timothy Conley; Julie Archer; Penelope Moore; John Tropman; Suzanne England, Dale Weaver, Tonya Glantz; Judith A. Lee; Funke Oba; Alex Gitterman; Clay Graybeal; Ruben Schindler; Julia M. Watkins; Penelope Anne Moore; Marilyn S. Paul; Susan C. Tebb; Alice Butterfield; Jonathan Marx; Joshua L. Miller
Friends of Reflections (Any $$)
Gwendolyn Perry-Burney; Mark Homan; Benjamin Kuipers; Eileen Pasztor; Laurel Rabschutz; Marcia Silver; Edith Lewis; Ken Pitetti; Samuel Richmond; Michael Sanger; Thomas H. Walz; William Meezan; Leon H. Ginsberg; Johanna and Lee Slivinske; Marie R. Jenkins; Andre L. Lewis; F. Ellen Netting; Alexandria Lewis; Jane Birkbeck; Judy Berglund; Lyn Paul; W. Patrick Sullivan; Beth Lewis; Elizabeth Schneewind; Randall Nedegaard; Claire Seryak; Katherine Kranz; Susan Tebb; Herbert Burson; Gary Bess; Jo Ann Brockway; Charles Garvin; Mary E. Tinucci; Carol Hostetter; Paul Kurzman; Kim Lorber; Stacey Peyer; Melinda W. Pilkinton; Laura Marie NelsonTrevor G. Gates-Crandall; Susan Weinger; David Gil; Sadye Logan; Richard J. Smith; Louise Simmons
Institutional Friends ($250 one time)
California State University Long Beach School of Social Work; Boise State University School of Social Work; The Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work, University of Oklahoma; University of Michigan School of Social Work; Adelphi University School of Social Work; University of Kansas School of Social Welfare; University of Minnesota School of Social Work; University of Buffalo School of Social Work

Institutional Friend support can be provided by credit card to our secure CSU Shopnet account (choose Reflections Journal on menu, no CSU ID needed): or by check to Cathleen Lewandowski, Director, School of Social Work, RT1421, Cleveland State University, 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland OH 44115. A generic invoice and W-9 form from Cleveland State University can expedite this support. A generic invoice and W-9 form from Cleveland State University can expedite this support. 2/23/19.

Supporters through July 16, 2019