Political Science Department


David R. Elkins, Associate Professor
Charles B. Hersch, Professor
Jeffrey Lewis, Chair and Professor
Joel A. Lieske, Professor
Todd Nelson, Assistant Professor
David Stack, Assistant College Lecturer
Forrest Qingshan Tan, Professor
Neda Zawahri, Associate Professor



Ronald J. Busch, Associate Professor Emeritus. (Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1969) Interests include American political institutions, public opinion formation and political party functioning, urban politics, local policy issues such as financing public education, democratic choice processes and the impact of institutional choices (such as representational rules) on ethnic and minority representation. r.busch@csuohio.edu

Robert B. Charlick, Professor Emeritus. Interests include conflict resolution and prevention, political transitions, democratic governance processes particularly in the non-western world, the impact of democratization on public policy and governance practices. r.charlick@csuohio.edu

Everett F. Cataldo, Professor Emeritus. (Ph.D.,The Ohio State University, 1965) Interests include public policy issues in advanced democratic states, particularly related in resolving conflicts over education and integration, and environmental issues affecting the Great Lakes region, such as toxic waste and acid rain. Canadian politics. e.cataldo@csuohio.edu

Barbara B. Green, Professor Emerita. (Ph.D., Harvard, 1959) Interests include comparative political dynamics in former communist states of the USSR and Eastern Europe, German politics, comparative study of democratization in former communist states, election observer and analyst in that region. Comparative political theory of freedom and liberty. b.green@csuohio.edu

Rodger M. Govea, Professor Emeritus. r.govea@csuohio.edu

John D. Holm, Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., UCLA, 1969) Interests include comparative democratic development, particularly in Africa and other non-western states, processes of political participation, political leadership succession, and political leadership choice. A recent paper presented by Dr. Holm is, "Traditional Authority: Its Ambivalent Role in Botswana Politics." j.holm@csuohio.edu

Leon Hurwitz, Professor Emeritus ( Ph.D., Syracuse University) Interests include political processes in Western European democracies, political and economic integration processes, integration of professional labor markets. l.hurwitz@csuohio.edu


Part-time Faculty

JENEEN HOBBY - Ph.D., University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1996, Part-time Instructor.
Interests include Introduction to Political Theory, Democratic Thought, Ancient and Medieval Political Theory, Modern Political Theory, American Political Thought, Feminist Theory, Contemporary Social & Political Thought, International Relations, American Government. j.hobby@csuohio.edu