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Conversations in Bioethics with Dr. Toni Nicoletti is a podcast created through the department of philosophy and comparative religion department, in connection with the center for elearning, and features interviews with department colleagues, hospital ethicists, and other professionals working in the field of bioethics. Current episodes include an interview with Dr. Paul Ford, Director of Bioethics at the Cleveland Clinic, about the role of clinical ethics consultation in the Cleveland Clinic healthcare system, Dr. Joseph Demarco (professor emeritus in philosophy at CSU) and Mr. Sam Lipuma, associate professor at Cuyahoga Community College, about their new book, The Dying Experience: Expanding Options for Dying and Suffering Patients, and an interview with Dr. Allyson Robichaud,  interim Dean of Arts and Sciences about the current legal and moral landscape of physician aided death and euthanasia (CSU). Upcoming episodes feature interviews with several other bioethicists at the Cleveland Clinic on transplant ethics and moral distress, and an interview with Dr. Sonya Charles, department of philosophy (CSU), about her new book, Parents and Virtues: An Analysis of Moral Development and Parental Virtue.

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