J.C. Sherman

J.C. Sherman, Appied Faculty - Tuba and Euphonium

J.c. Sherman, Principal Tubist with the Firelands Symphony Orchestra, holds Bachelors of Music degrees in Tuba Performance and Music Education from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he studied tuba and ophicleide with Ronald Bishop and bass trombone and bass sackbut with Raymond Premru.  He was the principle tubist with Opera Cleveland Orchestra and has performed for 16 years with the Blossom Festival Band.  He has also performed with The Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland POPS Orchestra, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Youngstown Symphony, and the Cleveland/San Jose Ballet.  As a chamber musician, J.c. is a current member of Olympic Brass, the Heritage Brass Quintet, NEOTUBA Quartet, and regularly performs with the Sheet & Tube Brass Quartet.  A 5-year veteran performer from SeaWorld of Ohio, J.c. also enjoys performing early jazz  with The Night Owls and the River City Jazz Band.      

J.c.'s collection of performing instruments include All keys of tubas, Euphonium, Baritone, Bass Trombone, Tenor Trombone, Contrabass Trombone/Cimbasso, Sousaphone, Ophicleide, Serpent, Bass Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Trumpet, Horn and Bass Horn.


J.c. has had in intense interest in historic brass instruments for 25 years, particularly regarding the use of the ophicleide.  He has introduced the instrument to the Firelands Symphony, several quintets, and performed Verdi's Requiem under Robert Paige. 

In February 2010, he acquired his first serpent, and has since performed solos arranged for him with Olympic Brass, the Heritage Brass Quintet, and enjoys performing for Catholic masses (for which the instrument was specifically invented).  In January, 2012, he performed Mendelssohn's 5th Symphony at the Cleveland Institute of Music on the instrument.


While a student at the Oberlin Conservatory, J.c. Sherman performed an unprecedented six full recitals and two joint recitals, as well as several departmental recitals, and was given the unique privilege of performing as a non-major on Bass Trombone.  In addition, J.c. was a featured soloist three times with the Oberlin Symphonic Winds (Euphonium and Tuba) and once with the Brass Guild of Oberlin, as well as performing off-campus as a soloist with local bands.  J.c. also was the winner of the 1994 band conducting competition at Oberlin.

After graduating, he performed two unique recitals; a full unaccompanied tuba recital at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum in Tacoma, WA and a full recital with organ in Olympia, WA.  In 1995, he was a featured soloist with the Washington Wind Symphony.  J.c. has since continued to perform recitals internationally.

J.c. has premiered several works written for him, including Relentless, Reminiscence, and Tofudobeast by Anthony Markel (performed with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony) and Concerto for Tubameister by internationally lauded composer, Victor Davies in Vancouver, BC.

J.c. has been a featured soloist with the Solon Philharmonic, Geauga County Fair Band, Lakewood Hometown Band, and will be performing with the Olympia Symphony in 2014.  .

For performances and master-classes on modern and historic instruments, or for courses on brass repair for music educators, please contact J.c. at jc@jcsherman.net.


As an instrument maker and technician, J.c. served his apprenticeship with Kevin Dunipace and Tom Ianni at Academy Music in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  He now specializes in creating specialized instruments, historic restorations and replicas, and quality repairs for professional brass musicians nationwide.  His instruments and mouthpieces have been used across the country from the Cleveland Orchestra to UCLA, and from private collections to museums.

In 2009, the Rogers Serpent Mouthpiece was introduced as a genuine serpent mouthpiece which also serves as a viable mouthpiece for use in a modern Baritone or Euphonium to perform works scored for the Serpent.


In May 2012, The Cleveland POPS premiered "Service Dogs March" by J.c. Sherman, honoring the numerous canines who aid our armed services and police throughout the nation and the world.  In addition, J.c. has penned numerous orchestrations and arrangements for the Cleveland POPS, Firelands Symphony, NRO, Akron Symphony, Olympic Brass, Heritage Brass and other ensembles throughout the years.


J.c. can be heard on a variety of instruments on these recordings:

"Blossom Festival" with the Blossom Festival Band
    J.c. plays on a Conn 52J CC tuba on all works on this 2004 CD

"Robert Erickson, Pacific Sirens" with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony
    J.c. plays a Conn Double-bell Euphonium on "White Lady" on this 2003 release.

"Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Vol. 4" (1998)
    On Edgar Varese's important "Integrals," J.c. performs on a Miraphone Contrabass Trombone.

"Christmas in Brass" with the Heritage Brass Quintet, 2003
    Most of this recording was made using a Conn 52J CC tuba.
    However, "Orpheus" was recorded on a cimbasso of his own manufacture
    and both "Twelve Days of Christmas" and the 4th movement of the Scheidt are played
    on a King Monster 4 valve rotary BBb.

"It's Swingtime" with the Heritage Brass Quintet, 2008
    Most of this recording was made on a Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Eb,
    But a King 1240 BBb recording bass was brought out for a couple works too!