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Name Office Phone (216) Email Research Interests
Thomas L. Bynum
Associate Professor, Black Studies Director

MC 137


African American History, Civil Rights Movement, Youth Activism, and Antiwar Protest

Mark Cole
Associate College Lecturer
RT 1306 687.3937
Germany, Nazism, The Holocaust, Consumption, and Nutrition
Gregory Conerly
Associate Professor
RT 1312 687.3928
African American History, Gender/Sexuality/LGBTQ Communities in the U.S.
Stephen Cory
RT 1327 687.6883
Early Modern Islamic World, Modern Middle East
Stephanie Hinnershitz
Assistant Professor
RT 1308 523.7182
U.S. History, 20th
Century, Immigration, Asian American, American Imperialism and Empire
Thomas J. Humphrey
Associate Professor, Chair
RT 1320 687.3920
Colonial and Revolutionary America
Wenqing Kang
Associate Professor
RT 1305 875.9688
Gender and Sexuality in China
Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt
Professor, Dean of Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Honors College
MC 106 687.5559
Late Medieval/Early Modern Europe, Gender History
Meshack Owino
Associate Professor
RT 1357 523.7264
Shelley Rose
Assistant Professor
RT 1323 687.3935
German history, Social Studies, gender history
Robert S. Shelton
Associate Professor
RT 1321 523.7183
19th Century American History, Civil War and Reconstruction, African American History
Jose O. Sola
Associate Professor
Graduate Director
RT 1356 523.7189
Modern Latin America, Colonialism and Imperialism, Popular Culture
Karen Sotiropoulos
Associate Professor
RT 1328 687.3940
African American History, American Cultureal, Gender and Feminist History
J. Mark Souther
RT 1310 687.3970
Public History, U.S. Urban History, Tourism, 20th Century United States History
Laura A. Wertheimer
Associate Professor
Director of Liberal Studies
RT 1329 687.3930
Medieval European, Ancient Mediterranean
Kelly Wrenhaven
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Classical Studies
RT 1325 687.3927
Ancient Greek and Roman History

Adjunct Professors:

Kim Carey
216.687.5118 || K.CAREY@csuohio.edu
Peter Manos
216.687.7186 || P.MANOS@csuohio.edu
Matthew Phillips
216.687.3920 || m.t.phillips44@csuohio.edu
Tamara Rand
216.687.7191 || T.RAND@csuohio.edu
Ben Sperry
216.687.3920 || b.sperry@csuohio.edu
Donna M. Whyte
216.875.9684 || D.WHYTE@csuohio.edu


David Adams, Professor
216.687.3920 || D.ADAMS@csuohio.edu
James A. Borchert, Professor
216.687.3920 || J.BORCHERT@csuohio.edu
David J. Goldberg, Professor
216.523.7187 || D.GOLDBERG@csuohio.edu
Thomas L. Hartshorne, Associate Professor
216.687.3920 || T.HARTSHORNE@csuohio.edu
Lee A. Makela, Associate Professor
216.687.3920 || L.MAKELA@csuohio.edu
Roger B. Manning, Professor
216.687.3920 || R.MANNING@csuohio.edu
Joyce M. Mastboom, Associate Professor
216.687.3920 || j.mastboom@csuohio.edu
Deborah D. Pearl, Professor
216.687.3920 || D.PEARL@csuohio.edu
Donald Ramos, Professor
216.687.3920 || D.RAMOS@csuohio.edu
Robert A. Wheeler, Associate Professor
216.687.3920 || R.WHEELER@csuohio.edu


Department Staff
Erin Bell, Project Coordinator
216.687.2172 || E.J.BELL93@csuohio.edu
Kimberly Givhan, Administrative Coordinator
216-687-3920 || k.givhan@csuohio.edu