School of Film & Media Arts

North End Production Area

North Production Magnifying Glass

The North End is the main production area of the building. While almost any section of the 6th floor can be requested for use as a production location...


the North end has specialized studio space.

Studio A, at 2200 square feet, is used for Directing and Advanced Production courses as well as a temporary viewing room for Film History and Analysis courses.

Studio A Set For Viewing

Studio A Acting Class

Studio A Set Area

The slightly smaller Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Studio is used for Acting, Cinematography and Intermediate Production courses.Studio B Door and Sign

Studio B Wide Shot

Studio B Acting Class

Studio B Cinematography Class

Studio Lighting

While both studios are used for special appearances by visiting filmmakers.

Steven Caple appearance

Cherry Producers

Also located in the North End are the television control room and a small three-camera studio. Styled like a remote truck, the equipment is all by Blackmagic and Yamaha.

TV Control Room Wide

That studio will eventually become a Motion Capture space.

FM660 Wide Shot

Between the two studios is the Equipment Cage where students reserve and check-out the tools they use for their class productions.

Equipment Cage Composite



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