School of Communication

Why Journalism and Promotional Communication Major?

The School of Communication offers a Journalism and Promotional Communication (JPC) major with the two different sequences that provides specialization in journalism and promotional communication.

Journalism Sequence Students in the journalism sequence learn knowledge and skills essential to succeed in a digital newsroom, including hands-on training in digital tools used in reporting, writing, data analysis, multimedia content production, and audience engagement via social media. The theory courses focus on learning and understanding the relationship among news media, society, politics and economy. Promotional Communication Sequence: Promotional Communication students develop expertise in a wide range of strategic communication techniques. Our majors are well-versed in diverse communication specialties including advertising, public relations, visual communication, digital metrics, social media and content marketing. They learn social scientific theories that inform persuasion strategies and campaigns.

Through internships, service learning projects and community engagement initiatives, JPC students create connections and gain valuable hands-on experience learn to guild relationships. Through hands-on learning they learn to become creators. Students produce student newspaper, record and edit video, create web pages, analyze social media content, design print collateral, and produce a wide variety of additional multimedia projects. The JPC programs provide students with knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to tackle real-world issues so that they can make a difference in shaping of the world around them.

Careers Opportunities:

JPC Majors enter a competitive job market with the experience, training and skills that employers look for in new hires. Our graduates have landed positions at top advertising, public relations and integrated communication agencies in the Cleveland area and around the country. JPC Majors go on build careers in:

Public Relations
Corporate Communication Digital
Content Production
Sales & Marketing
Market Research
Communication Campaign Consulting (strategic communication)
Non-profits Organization
Public Information Departments (govt. agencies)
Surveys and Public Opinion Agencies
Community Relations
Media Relations
Investor Relations
Development and Fund Raising
Media Analyst
Media Research (law firms)