School of Communication

Why Communication Studies Major?

What is the Communication Studies major?

The Communication Studies major provides students with a critical understanding of the complex, vital role that communication plays in contemporary life. Course-work offers students a host of intellectual, problem-solving, and career-related skills. In contemporary society, which is characterized by a dazzling array of new technologies, rapid social change, instant messaging, and dynamic interpersonal relationships, it is imperative that students appreciate the ways communication influences everyday life. Students who obtain a major in communication will take classes from a nationally ranked faculty and gain an appreciation for the social scientific study of communication.

There are two tracks in the major. The Communication Management track focuses on understanding and improving communication processes in a variety of contexts, including doctor-patient interactions, organizations, teams, families, interpersonal relationships, negotiation and mediation settings, and communication between persons from different cultures, genders, and ethnicities. The Communication track supports students who have widely ranging interests or who need maximum flexibility in scheduling. In addition to the areas mentioned above, students in this track may take coursework in journalism and public relations.

What careers can this major prepare you for?

Communication Studies majors pursue a variety of careers, including managerial training programs in all types of industries, opportunities in Federal, state, and local governments, along with pursuing graduate degrees. Depending on the coursework that is taken, specific opportunities (it is impossible to list them all!) may include:

Organizational Training and Development
Team Facilitation
Organizational/Business Analyst
Human Resources
Internal Consultant
Labor Negotiator
Recruitment for Private Schools
Recruitment for Universities
Community Affairs Coordinator
Government Affair Coordinator
Account Representative
Communications Manager
Product Purchaser
What skills are developed within this major?

Depends of focus area/courses taken. Examples include conflict management, team facilitation, leadership, public speaking, writing, group facilitation, negotiation, interpersonal communication, problem solving, analysis and inquiry, effective language choice, intercultural communication, persuasion, and effective social media use.