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Welcome to the Liberal Arts Edge Lounge! The lounge is a focal point for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), whose departments and offices can be found in multiple locations across campus. Here students, parents, and visitors can learn more about the work of this complex college, which houses twelve departments and schools as well as several interdisciplinary programs in the fine arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. The college is a hub of exciting activities in such areas as theatre and music, philosophy and comparative religion, communication and economics. While great literature and art find a place of honor in our halls, group structures and social challenges also engage our attention. In short, studies of human diversity, language, history, and creativity center our efforts.

Engaged learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom in CLASS. The college is not only committed to full engagement with the local community in which we reside but also engaged internationally, having study abroad programs and partnerships with institutions in such countries as France, Hungary, Slovenia, Korea, and China.

While we study the accomplishments of others, we also empower our students and faculty to create their own success narratives. Here, for example, you can learn about faculty research accomplishments and creative activity. You can also learn about our successful alumni, who have fashioned productive and meaningful lives by employing not only the core competencies of their major fields but also the broader transferable skills learned in all the college’s programs—written and oral communication, discovery skills, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. In CLASS, as in other colleges, one learns how to learn.