Department of Criminology, Anthropology, and Sociology

Spring Semester 2018 Faculty Highlights

Dawn Aliberti

Global medical brigades had another successful trip to Honduras.  I continued my research in Pakistan with a second trip in January.

James Chriss

2018. “Rescuing the Enlightenment Project: Habermas and the Postmodern Challenge.” Berlin Journal of Critical Theory 2 (1):83-116.

2018. “Political Violence in Historical Perspective.” Pp. 1015-1029 in Sage Handbook of Political Sociology, edited by W. Outhwaite and S. Turner. London: Sage.

Linda Francis - Grant

Francis, Linda, Kathryn Lively, Jesse Hoey, and Julie Robillard. “A Virtual Interaction Training Guide as a Quality of Life Intervention.”  Alzheimer’s Association. Awarded $149,913 for 2018-2021.

Lydia Grebenyova - Grant

Grebenyova, Lydia. “Heritage Language and Culture: The Cleveland Slovenian Experience,” First Place, 2017 Outstanding Poster Award, September 2017

Grebenyova, Lydia. “Language and Culture of the Cleveland Slovenian Community,” Undergraduate Summer Research Award. Awarded $8000.00 for Summer 2017.

2017 Outstanding Poster Award – First Place (CSU Undergraduate Summer Research Award Program)

Dana Hubbard – Journal Article

Regoeczi, W. C. and D. J. Hubbard. (Forthcoming). The Impact of Specialized Domestic Violence Units on Case Processing. American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Robert Kleidman

In November I helped organize and participated in the Summit for Civil Rights at the University of Minnesota Law School, a conference about building a movement to end racial segregation in the United States, featuring former Vice President Walter Mondale, Congressman James Clyburn, and other civil rights, labor, political, and faith leaders.

Meghan Novisky

Novisky, Meghan A. “Off the Books: How Disease and Age Are Driving the Underground Prison Economy.” American Society of Criminology: Philadelphia, PA, November 15.

12/2017 -- Certified as a trainer for the curriculum "Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Employment" through the University of Cincinnati's Corrections Institute (UCCI)

2/2018 -- Elected as an executive board member of the Corrections section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)

Kathryn Olszowy - Grants

Dancause, Kelsey, Amanda Roome, Chim Chan, Nicole Burt, Kathryn Olszowy. Distress Due to Displacement and Repatriation of an Entire Island Population in the South Pacific. Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Grant. $2000 for November, 2018.

Olszowy, Kathryn. Collaborative learning project on communicating human evolution to the public. High Impact Practices Grant. $1000 for spring semester, 2018.

Wendy Regoeczi – Journal Articles and Book Chapter

Regoeczi, W. C. and T. Gilson. (Forthcoming). Homicide-Suicide in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1991-2016. Journal of Forensic Sciences.

Regoeczi, W. C. and D. J. Hubbard. (Forthcoming). The Impact of Specialized Domestic Violence Units on Case Processing. American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Regoeczi, W. C. (Forthcoming). Solving Homicides: Understanding Trends and Patterns in Police Clearances of Lethal Violence. Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance. Volume 23. Mathieu Deflem (ed).

Marnie Rodriguez

Faculty mentor for the Mandel Continuing Scholars Summer Seminar, a program designed to help Tri-C honors students transition to the CSU honors program. 

Michael Skladany – Grant

Collaborative Learning Project with Student Groups presenting on SOC 210 course material.  High Impact Practices Grant. $1,000 for Spring Semester, 2018.

Michael Skladany and Meghan Novisky – SOC/CRM Club

Drs. Meghan Novisky and Michael Skladany act as faculty co-advisors to the Sociology and Criminology Club.  In 2017, in addition to regular club functions, Drs. Novisky and Skladany worked with club officers to obtain funding to bring. Mr. Mark Wynne, a leading authority on stalking to CSU's campus. Mr. Wynne gave a public talk that was well attended by the CSU Community.  The Club has further attained funding to bring CWRU's Dr. Lee Hoffer to CSU on April 9th.  Dr. Hoffer, an anthropologist is well known for, and published on his Cleveland based work on opioid user networks. 

Michael Skladany and Rongjun Sun - Book

Forthcoming: Skladany, Michael and Rongjun Sun. forthcoming 2018. Developing Societies in a Changing World. (First Edition). San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishers. 

Miyuki Tedor

Behavioral Health Research Center Pilot Grant: $5,000
Faculty Research and Development IOT Grant: $8,000

Tedor, Miyuki Fukushima, Linda M. Quinn, Sharon C. Wilsnack, Richard Wilsnack, and Thomas K. Greenfield. (Forthcoming).  “The Gender Difference in the Association between Early Onset of Drinking and Problem Drinking between the U.S. and Japan.” Deviant Behavior.

Mallett, Christopher and Miyuki Fukushima Tedor. (Forthcoming). Juvenile Delinquency: Pathways and Prevention. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publishing. 

Phil Wanyerka – Lectures, Presentations, Journal

Christophe Helmke, Stan Guenter, and Phil Wanyerka (Forthcoming). "Kings of the East: Altun Ha and the Waterscroll Emblem Glyph." Ancient Mesoamerica.

Lecture: The Prehistoric Cultures of Northeast Ohio: A look Back at 13,000 Years of Native American History. A Lecture for St. Columbkille Schools (Nov. 1 2017)

Lecture: Recent Archaeological Discoveries at the Fort Hill Earthwork Complex: Highlights of the 2017 CSU Summer Archaeological Fieldschool. A Lecture for the Fourth Ohio Archaeology Symposium, CSU, (Nov. 17, 2017)

Lecture: Who Built Fort Hill? Recent Archaeological Discoveries. A Lecture for First Peoples Day, Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation (Nov. 18, 2017)

Lecture: Deciphering Classic Maya Inscriptions. A Lecture for the Rowfant Club (Nov 29, 2017)

Lecture: Who Built Fort Hill” Mystery Solved. A Lecture for the Cleveland Metroparks, Rocky River Reservation (Jan. 10, 2018)

Lecture: Exploring Richfield’s Hidden Treasures: Highlights of the First Archaeological Investigations at the Richfield Heritage Preserve. A Lecture for the Friends of Crowell Hilaka and the Richfield Heritage Preserve (Feb. 20, 2018)

Valerie Wright

Keynote speaker at the Circle Mountain Mindful Solutions Ministries Black History Celebration at Trumbull Correctional Facility.