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Sing and Swing LLC

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Sing and Swing LLCSing and Swing LLC
2983 Yorkshire Road (billing)
Cleveland Hts, OH 44118 (billing)

3812 Glenwood Road (shipping)
Cleveland Hts, OH 44121 (shipping)

Phone: (216) 321-7464

Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Jennifer Woda, Co-Director
Rachel Bernstein, Co-Director
Anne Howard, Instructor
Melissa Ludwa, Instructor
Teresa Miller, Instructor

Sing and Swing has been offering the internationally recognized Music Together® curriculum in Cleveland since 2008. Music Together is a music and movement program for children ages birth-five with a parent or bonded caregiver. The curriculum is based on the research based assumption that all children are musical and can learn to sing in tune, keep a steady beat and move rhythmically to music provided that they are exposed to a variety of tonalities and meters and that their exploration and musical efforts are reinforced by a bonded caregiver. Sing and Swing also offers the Music Together Big Kids program for 5-8 year olds and Sing and Stretch Yoga for children under 12.