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NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts and Technology

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NewBridgeNewBridge CLE CAT

3634 Euclid Ave., Suite 100
Cleveland, OH 44115

Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Bethany Friedlander, President & CEO
Arman Ochoa, COO & CFO
Ben Zimmer, Director Social Emotional Learning

NewBridge is a community-based arts education and career training center that addresses the needs of residents and youth who live in some of Cleveland’s most challenged neighborhoods. Our vision is a vibrant community living to its fullest educational and economic potential.

As believers in the power of lifelong learning, we practice what we preach. By listening to our advisors, staff, community partners and students, we’re always learning too. Our programs and curriculum are dynamic and market-driven to give our students the skills they need to secure meaningful, good-paying jobs in high-demand fields.

NewBridge offers adult training to become a Phlebotomist, State-Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA), Culinary Arts Professional, and training to jointly obtain STNA Certification and a GED. The adult workforce training program provides portable certifications, demand-facing job skills, soft skills, and wrap-around services to ensure the success of participants so as to facilitate their transition from public assistance to career pathways. NewBridge serves over 320 adults per year in this program.

The NewBridge Youth Program involves infusing art with social emotional learning, such as peer to peer interaction to develop leadership skills, social and emotional awareness, and job skills. Students specifically spend one session a week focusing on social and emotional skills and pro-social behavior and two sessions a week in their respective art studio. The social emotional learning continues in the art studios as students learn about team work, communication, project development, self-assessment, and self-efficacy.  Through the program NewBridge annually serves over 170 youth.