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Great Lakes Theater

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Great Lakes TheatreGreat Lakes Theater

1501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44115

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Bob Taylor, Executive Director
Lisa Ortenzi, Director of Educational Programming
Kelly Schaffer Florian, Director of Educational Services
David Hansen, Education Outreach Associate

The mission of Great Lakes Theater, through its main stage productions and its education programs, is to bring the pleasure, power and relevance of classic theater to the widest possible audience.

Classic theater holds the capacity to illuminate truth and enduring values, celebrate and challenge human nature and actions, revel in eloquent language, preserve the traditions of diverse cultures and generate communal spirit. Great Lakes Theater seeks to create visceral, immediate experiences for participants, asserting theater's historic role as a vehicle for advancing the common good, and helping people make the most joyful and meaningful connections between classic plays and their own lives. The Festival wishes to share such vibrant experiences with people across all age groups, creeds, racial and ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds.

Great Lakes Theater's acclaimed education programming has been connecting adults and students to the classics since the company's founding in 1962. Our expansive Student Matinee Series introduces over 15,000 students to theater each year - many for the first time. Our School Residency Program has had a presence in NE Ohio schools for over 30 years reaching over 16,000 students in over 100 schools annually. And our annual "Surround" program brings classics directly into nearly two dozen community venues each season for free.

Matinee Series serves K-12 and College Level as well.  All students see the very same show we produce on our Main Stage throughout the year.  Our Matinee series also serves Senior Citizen groups as well. School Residency Program serves K-12. 

Using an interactive, hands on approach, a team of two specially trained actor-teachers visits your school for five consecutive days, teaching five classes per day; the same five classes for the entire week. The actors bring scripts, props, costumes - and for the high schools, swords, daggers, and stage blood - to turn the students into an acting troupe, exploring classic literature from an actor's point of view.

Classics On Tour serves K-12 and Adult Audiences.  Includes Free Public venues as well as School Matinees at the school venue.