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Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

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FedResCleFederal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

1455 East Sixth Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Monday - Thursday: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

Loretta J. Mester, President and CEO

Education and Museum Outreach Staff:
Alexandria Halmbacher, Manager
Michael Galka
Khaz Finley
Elle Benak
Cariss Turner

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is the Cleveland-based headquarters of the U.S. Federal Reserve System's Fourth District. As the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve supports the effective operation of the US economy, acting in the public interest to promote the stability of the financial system. It performs five general functions: 1. Conducts the nation’s monetary policy, 2. Promotes the stability of the financial system, 3. Helps to ensure the safety and soundness of individual financial institutions, 4. Fosters payment and settlement system safety and efficiency, and 5. Supports consumer protection and community development.

Education: We support economic self-empowerment, community engagement and a better understanding of the role of the Federal Reserve through the Money Museum, tour program, resources, and educational programming. Our programming includes on-site educational programs that serve audiences throughout the Federal Reserve Fourth District, including those that reach under-served populations.
In January 2006, the bank opened the Learning Center and Money Museum, replacing the public teller windows vacated after September 11, 2001. Over 30 hands-on exhibits focus on the history of money, its effects on societies and cultures, and its central role in peoples' lives. The museum is open from Monday through Thursday, except for bank holidays, and admission is free. The museum includes a variety of activities and multi-media experiences to educate visitors, including computerized games about trading, writing contests, crayon rubbings, videos, speeches, films, and virtual tours. One recent addition to the Learning Center and Money Museum is the documentary titled "The Panic of 1907" which details how the panic led to the creation of the Federal Reserve System. This film was produced by Joseph G Haubrich and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. (from Wikipedia)

Our programming serves middle and high school students. The Money Museum is appropriate for all ages.