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Duffy Liturgical Dance Ensemble

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Duffy Liturgical Dance Ensemble

1919 E. 107th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: 216-921-0734

Edna Duffy, Artistic Director, Teacher
Brenda Spicer, Administrative Assistant

DuffyLit is a nonprofit performing organization consisting of an intergenerational company of singers, dancers, and educators. We study, research and perform the American Negro Spiritual. We educate audiences in schools, churches, colleges and universities about the importance of this musical Art Form in American History. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life through the message of the spiritual and application to everyday life of its universal message of faith, hope, optimism and perseverance.

DuffyLit uses the arts to promote greater understanding and to contribute to the educational, social and artistic fabric of the community. We offer classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations and performances that engage the mind, discipline the body and develop the talents of people of all ages. Our work with children is especially important.  We place great importance on promoting personal growth, developing character, and enhancing the self-esteem of children. Using the philosophy of the spiritual we encourage children to learn their history and to be proud of their cultural heritage, thus empowering them to be accepting of those from other cultures.

We more than 2000 people annually with classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and concerts.