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DigitalMosaicThe Digital Mosaic, LLC

876 Trebisky Road
Cleveland, Ohio  44143

Natalie Bauman, Founder & CEO

The Digital Mosaic is the home of the SimplyTold video storytelling app and platform. Used by non-profits, arts organizations, museums, libraries and organizations which serve seniors, this streamlined video content creation service enables instant gathering of a wide variety of voices and stories to a searchable online database.


We partner with our clients to help them share their stories with a public audience, or gather voices that represent those whom they serve, to document, educate and inform.

Through the organizations we serve, we reach families, college-age adults, adults, and senior-adults.

Annually our organizations are able to use our services to serve over 10,000 people.

Some of our elder programming includes: life storytelling programs; Recipes 2 Remember which encourage seniors to demonstrate their family recipes while telling the stories around them, for a public web page and corresponding recipe book; and arts support programs demonstrating choir, theatre, dance and other art form techniques and rehearsals to be reviewed at home.